Ms. Syeda Rahimon Naher

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)


Syeda Rahimon Naher has bright academic and professional career. She started his professional career in the Department of Science and Humanities, Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology as a Lecturer in Chemistry since 01 February, 2015. She has been appointed as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry by the same University in 2018. Assistant Professor Syeda Rahimon Naher obtained his M.S. degree in Inorganic Chemistry with Thesis from Chittagong University, Bangladesh.

Her research interest for: (i) Introduction of new analytical reagents through novel reaction techniques (ii) Development of new analytical methods for the determination of toxic and heavy metals in the environment using manual and automated instrumental techniques (iii) Introduction of micellar system in Analytical Chemistry, and (iv) Physicochemical Assessment of Freshwater Resources of Bangladesh. Her current research interest is on (i) drug design and (ii) solar cell design applying soft computing techniques and seeking a decent laboratory that can provide advanced research opportunities for Doctoral studies.

Syeda Rahimon Naher published 02 research papers in different International Journals with high impact number. She has participated in a Conference organized by Bangladesh Chemical Society and presented a research article. She has also attended Seminars, Symposiums and Workshops at home and virtually at abroad. She is also a Life Member of Bangladesh Chemical Society. 

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Analytical, Environmental, Nanotechnology

Environmental Chemistry deals with the investigation of the effects of chemical compounds in nature (air, water, soil, food chains and organisms).



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